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Le Dernier

Le Dernier

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Ajouté le: 2017-01-30 18:13:30
par: vbrennand
Modifié le: 2017-01-30 18:15:56
par: vbrennand

Court métrage inspiré par l'auteur français Jean Genet. Une nuit, Martin fait face à un homme qu'il n'a jamais vu auparavant. Un simple échange d'yeux suffit pour les impliquer dans une attraction sensuelle et dangereuse. Le film suit cette rencontre à un résultat qu'ils n'attendaient pas.

Notes du réalisateur

I’m currently writing to ask you to consider the short film THE LAST for your upcoming festival.

This is a 13 minutes drama short film inspired by the French author Jean Genet. He was chosen as an object of study since the conception of the screenplay mainly because his universe deals with diversity and acceptance. But also, because it shows with no reservations the life-threatening violence, anger and sadness demonstrations from extremist groups against this diversity. The subject of the movie, even though it has an intimate relation with Jean Genet, it’s an original story about homosexuality, self-acceptance and homophobia violence, .  

As a filmmaker, I believe that exposing this other side of the coin serves as an alert on the many human right abuses which people face because of their real or perceived sexual orientation and/or gender identity or any kind of expression. This theme needs to be on focus everywhere and by everybody. That’s the reason I have chosen to use the main aesthetics and key elements of a thriller movie to grab (at least try) the attention of all audiences, independent of their sexuality. My goal is to achieve everyone and especially the young ones who are more open to this kind of movies. I believe in the positive change that young people are creating nowadays. 

Noteworthy, this movie was made with a very low budget (less than 2000€) production by a young crew, a new generation of independent artists inspired and appealed to dialogue with no restrictions on issues or themes. We believe it’s time to make a change, not only in the way to think and make cinema, but in how to communicate to our viewers. For us, this movie (we could say movie making in general) is a durable weapon against all this hate against the vast and significant diversity of thinking and expression. 

We would be very happy and thankful to have our film considered for your line up. Together we are stronger!
Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Best wishes
Victor Brennand

Réalisé par: Victor Brennand
Soumis par: vbrennand
Fr , 2016
Genre: Fiction , Drama, Public 16+
Durée: 00:13:13
Langue: Français
sous-titre: Anglais
Production: Vibre Entertainment
Support de tournage: HDTV
Relief: 2D
format d'image: 2.35
son: Stereo
Musique: Entièrement originale
Festival: Actif pour festival


Victor Brennand Producer
Camille Blanchard Assistante Réalisation
Marc Bénoliel Chef Operateur
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Le Dernier

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