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Piotr Więckowski was born in Warsaw. He was 11 when his whole family escaped from the communist Poland.

His first memories of a little town in Normandy were a nightmare. He found himself in this rainy region of France, not understanding a word in French and not knowing anyone. He started escaping to the world of his own imagination to make up stories. It kept him distanced from his problems. He was 16 when he got a job as a cashier in a movie theatre. That was when he discovered that he wants to become a director.


A few years later Piotr became a father and began working in the French film industry.

He worked as a set designer for Yves Boisset's and Jerome Boivin’s feature films.


He also studied in Lodz Film School for 1 year. He had to quit for family and financial reasons and launched a building company.


After 20 years of successfully renovating hundreds of Parisian appartments he decided to give his strongest passion - directing- a chance.


In 2015, in Warsaw, he wrote a script, directed and coproduced his short feature film „Dopado”.


In his native town, the film enjoyed a warm welcome.

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