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par: Paulo6984
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par: Paulo6984

Since the murder of their father, two brothers are opposed. One is outlaw, the other is Marshall. Will they ever be reunited, will they be able to erase their mistakes?

Notes du réalisateur

The idea of ​​this western came to us between actors during a discussion about filming and the topics currently being discussed. For us, one of the goals of a work, be it a novel, a film, a song ... is to allow people to escape from everyday life. That's why we decided to go back to one of the bases of our childhood, that is to say the western. Indeed, who has not been touched by these great spaces, this wild environment, galloping horses, thundering colts, duels in the sun, the looks of Clint Eastwood or Lee Van Cleef? Filming will take place from 22 to 26 September, in the Vercors, around Font d'Urle, and also in Lyon for interiors.

Réalisé par: Paul Joaquim Pereira + Max Marsal
Soumis par: Paulo6984
Fr , 2018
Genre: Fiction , Other, Tous publics
Durée: 00:13:34
Langue: Anglais
sous-titre: Français
Production: Paul Joaquim Pereira + Max Marsa
Support de tournage: HDV
Relief: 2D
format d'image: 16/9
son: Stereo
Musique: Entièrement originale
Festival: Actif pour festival


Paul Joaquim Pereira Directed by
Max Marsal Directed by
Charles Salignat Director of photography
Max Ollier Music by
Max Marsal The Marshall
Paul Joaquim Pereira The Outlaw
Vanessa Sellyn Saloon girl
Yasmina Enly Saloon girl 2
Patrick Guidetti Saloon barman

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